Design & Innovation

As a memory expert, Verico provides solutions that state current business needs while positioning clients to take best advantage of market change and future technological growth. Over the last decade, we have craved for performance and innovation leadership in multiple categories including USB flash drive, DRAM module, SD card, portable hard drive and SSD.

Hot Sale

Mini Cube USB Flash Drive

The most chic and fashionable choice for accessories, weighting only 4g, just like a gemstones ring size, Mini Cube provides the best reliability and the most stable performance.

Verico Evolution MK 2

Evolution MKII, base on USB 3.0, with high quality Flash memory Chips, built with Brushed metal finish, it’s Rugged! Lightweight! And delicateness!. We provide an unbelievable price to stop your desire of HIGH QUALITY USB 3.0 Flash Drive, easy to control your LETHAL WEAPON of memory.

Verico Climber

Verico Climber, tiny as a dime, comes with four eye-catching colors. With the foundation of casting, combine with the delicate manufacturing process, we are able to provide the exclusive style with Zinc and Aluminum alloy. We specifically design this product for the metallic lover, with the unique combination of wild and rational concept in mind.

Hybrid Classic

Classic Design Reborn Verico Hybrid Classic continued the classic design, provides a simple and care-free method for data transfer. Simple design, calm metal color to create an unique style; only to present the classical feeling of Hybrid Classic. As the world evolves, Verico is entering the new world of OTG with Hybrid Classic.