Verico International Co., Ltd.

Verico is not only your Memory provider, who only provides the devices according to your demand, but a group of professional Product Marketers and Consultants. We don't just sell products to our customers, instead, we provide complete training for our most up-to-date products and current market situations. Meanwhile, our sales and marketing team will observe, analyze and provide constant up-to-date information in order to keep the products, price and brand image on the competitive edge. We are the Total Solution provider!

  • Product development
  • Cost calculation
  • Our quality
  • Our Team

Your most reliable partner

Together we build. Verico has wide experience on the market trend of Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. We have been dealing with these markets from the before time of establishing this company. Friends and Vendors of our company are situated in all the good region and we all share our business ideas and planning together.

Memory Expert

Verico International Co., Ltd., the world storage expert, is known to the world by its innovation and design ability. The secret behind our success: we set our target far ahead from the industry standard, and continuously challenge the edge limit of our team. Constantly, keep on overcome ourselves and won each customer's trust by who we are.

Design & Innovation

As a memory expert, Verico provides solutions that state current business needs while positioning clients to take best advantage of market change and future technological growth. Over the last decade, we have craved for performance and innovation leadership in multiple categories including USB flash drive, DRAM module, SD card, portable hard drive and SSD.