USB All in One Cable With OTG Function

Tech Specification


Size & Weight
Cord Length: 1.2 m
Interface: Micro USB / Micro USB OTG to USB / Micro USB

Package Content
USB All in One Cable  X 1

Product Information

Powered by 22AWG, Verico Micro USB Multi-Function Cable is having 30% higher charging speed as compare to normal cable. More than just the efficiency, it is also the most powerful cable which is capable to perform multiple function which almost covered the entire range of Data Transfer, Inter Transfer, Charge, Inter Charge, OTG or even extension between different USB devices or interfaces.

Patented with 3 in 1 Multi-Interfaces

Patented 3 in 1 interfaces (Micro USB + USB 2.0 Jack + USB 2.0 Pin), it is almost everything you need to perform all USB power charge or data transfer activities including inter-transfer or inter-charge even mobile to mobile. More than that, it is also an OTG or USB Jack Cable for all Mobile, Tablet and PC.

OTG + High Transfer Speed, No More Shortage

Often facing problem of storage shortage in your mobile? Verico Micro USB Multi-Function Cable comes with USB 2.0 Jack which allows you to store your mobile data to USB Drive or PC with fast data transfer rate. No matter it’s for daily or business use, a cable that is capable to do all.

22AWG, Fast Charging

22AWG, Copper Core Wire, Aluminum Foil Braid. Highest standard of performance and safety design which even with high current rating adapter will also have no problem.


All device with Micro USB connector
Android Phone with Micro USB connector
Android Tablet with Micro USB connector
Powerbank with Micro USB input
Digital camera with Micro USB connector

OTG Function
USB flash disk
USB keyboard
USB Mouse